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Optifast® 900 is a powdered meal replacement beverage providing complete nutrition and excellent source of protein. It is nutritionally balanced with carbohydrates, fat, fibre, vitamins and minerals. It is available in 2 flavours: Chocolate and Vanilla.

The Optifast® Weight Management Program is a comprehensive, medically supervised program that limits your calorie intake with Optifast® 900 meal replacements, while providing the support and expertise of healthcare professionals. It provides educational resources on nutrition, behavior modification and healthy living to help you achieve your health and weight management goals and support the success of these goals long-term.

Optifast® 900 is available exclusively through specific clinics, healthcare providers and Family Physicians. Check the clinic finder to find a clinic near you or ask your GP to start your journey.

The cost of Optifast® 900 varies by clinic and the specific program that you may be on.